Whether slow or fast, our floors can handle any dance blast!

Dance Floor Rental for Long Island Events

Bring your event to life with our dance floor rentals. At Tent Rentals Long Island, we offer a variety of high-quality dance floors to suit any occasion, from classic wooden dance floors to modern LED and acrylic options.

Our Stunning Dance Floor Rentals in Action

Our dance floors come in various sizes and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and we offer competitive pricing and reliable FREE installation services.

Choose us for your next event and let us help you create a dance floor that will keep your guests on their feet all night long.

Dance Floor SizeSquare FeetNumber of Dancers
10′ x 10′100 sq ft10-12 dancers
10′ x 12′120 sq ft12-15 dancers
12′ x 12′144 sq ft15-18 dancers
12′ x 14′168 sq ft18-20 dancers
14′ x 14′196 sq ft20-25 dancers
14′ x 16′224 sq ft25-30 dancers
16′ x 16′256 sq ft30-35 dancers
16′ x 18′288 sq ft35-40 dancers
18′ x 18′324 sq ft40-45 dancers
18′ x 20′360 sq ft45-50 dancers
20′ x 20′400 sq ft50-60 dancers
20′ x 22′440 sq ft60-70 dancers
22′ x 22′484 sq ft70-80 dancers
22′ x 24′528 sq ft80-90 dancers
24′ x 24′576 sq ft90-100 dancers
24′ x 26′624 sq ft100-110 dancers
26′ x 26′676 sq ft110-120 dancers
26′ x 28′728 sq ft120-130 dancers
28′ x 28′784 sq ft130-140 dancers
28′ x 30′840 sq ft140-150 dancers
30′ x 30′900 sq ft150-175 dancers
30′ x 32′960 sq ft175-190 dancers
32′ x 32′1024 sq ft190-210 dancers
32′ x 34′1088 sq ft210-225 dancers
34′ x 34′1156 sq ft225-240 dancers
34′ x 36′1224 sq ft240-260 dancers
36′ x 36′1296 sq ft260-280 dancers
36′ x 38′1368 sq ft280-300 dancers
38′ x 38′1444 sq ft300-325 dancers
38′ x 40′1520 sq ft325-350 dancers
40′ x 40′1600 sq ft350-375 dancers

FAQs Answered

We offer a range of dance floor options, including classic wooden dance floors, modern LED dance floors, and sleek acrylic dance floors.

Our dance floors come in various sizes, and we can recommend the best size based on the number of guests expected at your event.

Our dance floor rental prices vary depending on the size and type of dance floor you choose, as well as any additional services you require (such as delivery and setup). Please contact us for a quote based on your specific needs.

Yes, we offer reliable FREE delivery and setup services to ensure that your dance floor is installed safely and securely.

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